We so appreciate the wonderful meat and cheese tray you brought to our office today. What a nice gesture. We also appreciate your efforts to help renovate our offices. Your attention to detail and willingness to get it right are much appreciated.
I <3 PDRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot find a word big enough to express my sincere thank you for the wonderful work you did for me through my horrible, sooty mess. I just can’t believe there are people like you, and you did such a wonderful job. Everything was just great and so clean again. Such a nice gang to have around. I never could have done this alone. I would love to see you all again, but not at a time when I have such a dirty, sooty mess. You all did a great job.
Thanks again, love you all, God bless you, and take care.

Awesome company. A business that always goes the extra mile for their customers!