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Paul Davis 2017 Wing Ding

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I was sitting by the lake one evening after work on the internet, and I stumbled upon an article on Forbes. In summary, there is a company that is taking all three hundred of their employees on a three-day camping trip. The goal of the trip is that it will create an environment where teamwork and communication are fostered. The article talks about the logistical nightmare of planning a trip for that many people. However, after seven years the company still believes it is one of the most important things that they do together as a team. We decided that we wanted to replicate this event and put our own spin on it, thus the birth of the First Annual Paul Davis Wing Ding. What’s a Wing Ding you ask? A Wing Ding is a lively event or party, and that is exactly what we set out to plan. We dedicated an entire day to the event and had all Paul Davis team members meet at a lake side retreat. We started the day with a hike and then moved on to breakfast. Throughout the day we had intermittent workshops, but ultimately the day was about getting to know each other better and about having a good time. I think the biggest takeaway was that we are stronger as a team and that we all have a lot in common. Overall it was a great day of fun and learning and we are looking forward to round two next summer. I’d like to thank all of the Paul Davis staff for making it a great day!
Jeffrey Boehm